HOTOOLME Jewellery Making Tool Kits,23 Pieces Jewelry Repair Kit with Bead Design Board

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【Meet all your needs】 23 piece jewelry tool set contains everything you need. This set can be used to repair damaged jewelry and make new decorations.
【Beautiful bead board】 This bead board can put a lot of beads. Great for placing complex pearls without worrying about the pearls falling off. In addition, the board is very time-saving and makes beading very easy.
【Includes everything you need】 This jewelry making set includes 1 x pearl design board, 3 pliers, 1 x transparent pearl string (0.7 mm), 1 x silver tiger tail pearl wire (0.4 mm), 2 tweezers , 1 x vernier caliper, 1 x ash, 1 x ring opener, 1 x thimble, 6 x bead embroidery needles, 1 x thread scissors, 1 x tape measure, 2 pieces. A total of 23 products.
【High-quality pearl pliers】 The jewelry repair tool has 3 necessary jewelry pliers: round-nose pliers, wire cutters and chain pliers. Each pair of pliers has a double leaf spring and non-slip handles that make them effective and safe to use.
【Quality Assurance】 The tools are made of high quality materials, this adult and child jewelry set can be a unique gift. You can create beautiful and unique jewelry that your friends and family will love.

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23-piece jewelry making set

Suitable for jewelry beginners and professionals: you can use it from beginner to professional and you will enjoy and love jewelry DIY project, perfect gift.

Product features:
This jewelry tool set comes with a black zippered pouch that is approximately 20.3 x 10.2 x 5.1 cm. The practical case holds the tools together and makes them easy to carry.
Scope of delivery:
1 x bead design board.
3 pliers (round needle nose pliers, flush cutter pliers, chain pliers).
1 x clear string of pearls (0.7mm).
1 x silver-colored tiger tail (0.4 mm)
2 tweezers (1 straight, 1 curved).
1 x caliper.
1 awl
1 x ring opener.
1 x thimble ring.
6 pieces of embroidery needles.
1 x thread scissors
1 x tape measure.
2 x needle threader.
1 x storage bag with zipper.

All accessories are necessary in your jewelry making project.


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